Monday, June 28, 2010

Go West Girl

Wow! Just three more days ‘til our first daughter (newly graduated from college) will be moving out to California… thus beginning her career in Agricultural Engineering… who’d of thunk it? *marvelous* Baby-girl-one and I met each other when she was five months old. Her dad (who is now my hubby) brought her into the office where he and I worked at the time – quite the proud papa – to present his precious little one to his staff for the appropriate utterances of our enthusiastic oohs and aahs! *sweet* And I got to hold her… a bona fine bundle of pure human potential… and baby powder fresh, to boot! *angelic* We saw each other on occasion during her childhood and early adolescence… then harmoniously bonded (at the speed of light) when her dad and I began dating halfway through her fourteenth year. From the perspective of a parental unit, days go by slowly while the years pass quickly when their kids are in high school… and then progress at warp speed after that. Hmmm!

Way back in time when I was a young girl, I had a yen for the west coast lifestyle, and spent lingering hours indulging in imaginary jaunts to Cali, serenaded by tunes of The Beachboys on my 9-volt battery operated transistor radio (well, whenever the Chicago radio station DJ would play them!) There was a ginormous flat rock showcasing the natural landscape at the end of our driveway… it was one of my fave outdoor settees (a la Flintstones) upon which I’d plunk myself on bright summer days… always facing west (better view of the proverbial pie in the sky!) *daydreamer* And guess what… so far I’ve only been to San Francisco… have flown over California several times en route to Hawaii though! *sheesh* To say that I’m excited that hubby and I will be escorting girl-one to San Diego would totally be an understatement – I’m stoked to the max! *giddy*

Now is the perfect time for us – proud non-helicopter parents – to help her get settled into a new apartment (translation: mom & daughter shopping spree) and acclimated to her new turf… Independence Day cometh, indeed! *autonomy* And our three night “mini-vacay” will culminate with a non-stop flight that is scheduled to arrive back in Chicago during prime July 4th fireworks display hour! *fantastic*

Sunrise… sunset… time sure has a funny way of speeding up and slowing down… in spite of the constant sweep of the clock’s second hand. And ya know what? I have a feeling that this week in Laurie Dean’s world will end with a sonic boom.

Have a fabulous week! Happy Birthday USA ☺


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