Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another Successful Launch

Now it’s already been a week since we were in Cali… helping daughter-one settle into her new “career girl” digs! *meteoric* Our action-packed 3-night stay in San Marcos was very productive indeed (it helps to be organized too!) We literally drove from San Diego airport directly to a car dealership – bought her THE graduation gift of a lifetime (love that new car smell) – then went directly to the management office of a PERFECT apartment complex (just a few minutes commute to her all important: FIRST real job!) And true to form (after all she is an engineer) our very conscientious prodigy had phoned the moving company as soon as we landed, to arrange for her furniture to be taken out of local storage (where she had them move it to ahead of time) and delivered pronto! *girl wonder*

So… that left us with some sightseeing time… IMPRESSIONS! Pardon me while I catch my breath here *grins* but having lived my whole life (well, so far) in what is fondly referred to by Midwesterners in the U.S. as “Chicagoland” I am not used to feeling instantly comfortable while outdoors (we usually have to brace ourselves – or somehow “deal” with the weather) and as if year-round pleasant weather isn’t enough of an incentive to bivouac for a while… the surrounding scenery of SoCal is totally spectacular! *jaw-dropping* Although I innately feel like a prairie girl at heart… I certainly would have no problem living in such a beautiful place. You don’t have to be a psychic to know that there are a lot more visits to SoCal in my future! *happy as a clam*

Since it was my very first time there, we did a quick “sampler tour” – Balboa Park, Old Town, La Jolla, Gas Lamp Quarter, USS Midway, Seaport Village, Del Mar, Carlsbad – it’s all a great blur in my mind! *dazzling* Hubby and I even sauntered over to explore the California State University @San Marcos campus (our hotel was right next door!) Oh, and by the way, did you know that the Frye’s Electronic Store in San Marcos has ginormous aquariums inside? Quite amusing… and good-natured too! *pun* Yeah, once again we encountered some of the friendliest, and most helpful people along the way (good karma boomerang!)

Even when you’ve raised them right… and you know in your head, and believe in your heart that the time has come to let them go… saying goodbye to the young adult offspring – as he/or she takes on an independent life of their own is reeeaaaallly hard to do! *misty* Consequently, once out of sight… we took a moment (pulled to the side of the road)… on the road that was leading us to the airport… then back to our home (now a place that is close in her heart, yet far away) and let the bona fide fount of bittersweet emotion spill out. It only took a short moment for the burst of tears to empty the well of sadness… hence another successful launch (three down, one to go!) *beaming*

Have a fabulous week! I’ll be back here in a bit ☺


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